Where to write for vital records

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Where to Write for Vital Records

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When to Order Vital Records

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Call, write or visit the town or city clerks' offices holding vital records you need. Catholic records of baptism, marriage, and death can often be found at the local parishes.

Call, write or visit county Registries of Deeds and/or Probate for records of land transactions, wills, adoptions, etc. Marriage and Divorce Records. For divorce records, you must write to the County Clerk in the county where the divorce was granted. The Office of Vital Records can search for and verify marriage or divorce events occurring after until September The Office of Vital Records can search for an event, if you submit a request containing.

Vital records usually contain the full name of the individual involved in the event, the date of the event, and the county, state, or town where the event took place.

Marriage and Divorce Records

Many vital records contain much more information. For example, birth records usually have the parent's full names, the name of the baby, the date of the birth, and county where.

Certified Copies of Birth Records A certified copy of a birth record may only be requested by the individual named on the record, provided they are at least 16 years old or the mother or father named on the record.

Vital records are also available from Local Vital Records Offices in the municipality where the event occurred. For information about vital records from May – visit the State, Archives web page. The following database searches help you locate vital records that are maintained by the Louisiana Secretary of State.

Louisiana Death Records You can search the Louisiana Death Records Index Database and order certified copies of death certificates for deaths that occurred in Louisiana more than 50 years from the end of the current calendar year.

Where to write for vital records
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