Fiction writing contests for teenagers 2012


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31 Free Writing Contests: Legitimate Competitions With Cash Prizes

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Children’s Writing Competitions

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Original Writing Competition

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No fan lift or works containing any good will be accepted. Junior Authors Short Story Contest. The contest ran from – and is no longer going to be offered due to declining interest. jaBlog! LTC’s literary blog is accepting original short stories up to 1, words until June 15, Online shopping for Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award from a great selection at Books Store.

It’s that time again! Get busy writing and send us your contest entries! Here are this year’s contest rules PLEASE READ THIS IN IT'S ENTIRETY, points are awarded based upon how well you follow these instructions. Only attendees to this year's conference are eligible to enter.

Young Adult Fiction Writing Contest – The Dante Rossetti Awards's fully searchable database of writing competitions contains details and contact information for writing contests from around the English-speaking world, including dozens which are free to enter. Our database is updated daily, with old competitions being removed and on average two or more new ones added every day, making it widely regarded as the best writing contest listing.

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Children’s Literature Contests, Grants and Awards

Details: This unique writing contests asks kids to collaborate in groups of three or more and the entries must be between 21 – 29 pages, illustrations included. (Text + illustration = 1 page.) The deadline is March 15, and is the last time for this contest.

Fiction writing contests for teenagers 2012
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